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I am thirty something years old and am mostly a stay at home mom.  I do odd jobs here and there, but my kids take most of my time.  I was born in Poland, grew up in New Jersey, studied Finance in NYC, and worked in Atlanta, GA.  Our son, Simon, was born in Atlanta, but due to a sickness in the family we had to move to Germany, my husband’s home country. 

In the meantime, our family grew and Karolina joined us in winter 2006.  For a while now, the kids have been going to school, and I have had the mornings to myself.   I needed something to do, since working in Finance in a German environment was not an option.   A good friend of mine got me into building websites, and with a help of great software, I was able to do it. 

I knew immediately that I wanted to build a site on baking.   I really like baking.  What I most enjoy is the smell in the house when a cake comes out of the oven.  It reminds me of my childhood.  My mom baked a lot.   My friends came over, I think, mostly to eat all the cake that was always on the table in the living room.  The cake would be gone in 2 days and she would bake another one.  I guess I followed her footsteps.

 I came up with Just Chocolate Cakes one day while driving home.  It just hit me.  My whole family likes chocolate so I had an output for my creations.  Also, it got my creative part of brain working, since decorating cakes now became important.  My baking tins collection grew accordingly and small tools and piping accessories take up at least two drawers in my kitchen (if not more).

Mishaps still happen in my kitchen, I will not state here that I am a perfect baker and everything comes out as it should be.  I will be posting all my accomplishments as well as my failures.  You can learn a lot from mistakes, even better if these mistakes happen to other people and not you.  So, I’ll be honest about a given recipe, and will try to provide a backup plan. 


I am still learning how to take photos of cakes.  Maybe one day I’ll take a class in a local school.  For now, the photos that you see will have to do.  I use a Nikon D90 and crop the pictures with PicMonkey.com.  Sometimes my daughter helps me with picture taking.  She actually grasps the concept better than her older brother. 

When I am not baking or tutoring kids, I like to jog with my girlfriend, read fun fantasy books, ski, and hike.  We live near Munich, Germany, so the Alps are very close.  When school allows, we try to go for day trips into the mountains.  When we do stay home for the weekend, there is always a nice chocolate cake for dessert and everyone is pleased.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.  I love getting e-mails from my visitors.  Also, if you’ve liked a recipe, please leave a comment (nice ones, of course).  I love getting those, too!



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