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Death by Chocolate Cake Recipe

I believe, if you eat too much of this death by chocolate cake, you could die.  Well, maybe a little exaggerated.  I do serve small pieces, too big might just be too much.  This chocolate truffle cake is basically a baked mousse.  It has an intense chocolate flavor and most perfect consistency. 

This chocolate truffle cake recipe is very simple to make, just the unmolding takes some time.  With my instructions, you will be able to do it and have truly wonderful death by chocolate cake. 

The most important ingredient in this death by chocolate cake is the chocolate you use.   You should use a chocolate that you like to eat, best is one that has cocoa content of 52%.  If you use one that has a higher content you might need to bump up the sugar.  In addition, if you like bitter chocolate, you can skip the sugar completely. 

Tip:  Refrigerate the cake, but take it out one hour before serving so it can reach room temperature.  If you eat it straight from the fridge, the cake will be dense, almost fudge like. 

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Death by chocolate cake recipe


  1. 454 g (1 pound) chocolate, bittersweet
  2. 6 large eggs
  3. 225 g (1 cup) butter
  4. 37 g (3 tablespoons) sugar


  1. 9.5 inch (24cm) spring pan,
  2. Heavy duty foil
  3. Roasting pan or a 12 inch cake pan
  4. Rubber spatula


1.       Preheat the oven to 425°f (220°C)

How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake

2.       Butter the baking pan, line with parchment paper, butter it again.  Make sure to butter the sides and the paper generously.  It will simplify the unmolding process.   Wrap the cake pan in heavy duty foil. 

Tip: Make sure to wrap the sides of the cake pan completely, overlapping the cake pan.  If your foil piece is too small for that, you might get water into the cake.  One piece of foil has to be large enough to cover the sides and some more, so that you can crumple it inside the cake pan.  If your foil is thin, use two layers, but again, they have to big enough.  This is essential. 

How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake

3.       Melt the chocolate with the butter on a steam bath or in a microwave.  I placed the chocolate and butter in the microwave set at 800w for 1.5 minutes.  I used the residual heat and stirred until the chocolate has completely melted. 

How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake

4.       Set your mixing bowl over simmering water and beat the eggs in it until warm to the touch. 

5.       Transfer them to your table top mixer and continue to beat (using a balloon whisk) until it has tripled in volume and soft peaks form.  Add the chocolate and mix for one minute in low.  Use a rubber spatula to mix in the chocolate evenly.  Some chocolate will have settled on the bottom of your mixing bowl, that is why you have to do it manually.  Once you have all of the chocolate incorporated, pour into the prepared pan. 

How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake

6.       Boil water.  Place the cake pan onto the roasting pan and pour the water so that it is one inch (2,5 cm) deep.  Bake for 5 minutes and then cover it with a buttered round baking paper (size of your cake pan) and bake for another 10 minutes.  The cake will be soft after those 15 minutes, but it is supposed to be like that.  Cool the cake for 50 minutes on a cake rack, do not unmold. 

How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake
How to make a death by chocolate cake

7.       Once the cake has cooled off, insert a metal spatula in between the cake and the cake pan and run along the cake, trying not to cut the cake sides.  Release the sides of the spring pan and remove it.  Cover a plate that has at least a diameter of your cake pan with cling foil.  Place it carefully on top of the cake and flip it.  Remove the bottom of the cake pan (now the top) and the parchment paper.  Place your cake plate onto the cake and flip again.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar or use any chocolate glaze that you like.  You can even use a white chocolate buttercream, but I think that that could be a little over the top. 

Tip:  Serve it with raspberry sauce or vanilla ice cream.  To cut, use a knife that was dipped in hot water.  Cut small wedges as the cake is a true death by chocolate cake…

This amazing chocolate truffle recipe is adapted from the Cake Bible.

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